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Another exquisite kind of cellulite reduction and removal tool is Velashape. Also a non-invasive medical treatment that has been cleared by the FDA has been recognized as a viable solution to circumferential excess fat and unwanted cellulite reduction.

What is Velashape?

Velashape is essentially a technological breakthrough device, solely cleared by FDA to effectively shape out, trim and contour, and to slim the body by eliminating excess fat round the mid-section, most importantly, cellulites, without any need for internal operation. Velashape is a combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency or RF, Infrared Light Energy, Vacuum suctions and Mechanical Massagers working together towards reshaping your body. Applicable areas that are commonly treated are the thighs, buttocks, love handles, the hips and the abdominal part.

Velashape is also known as vela shape or vellashape, which is a often spelling error.

How does Velashape work?

Understanding how Velashape works would require pointing out the task of every part. The Bi-Polar Radiofrequency and the Infrared Light Energy are the sources of heat that would be applied on both the skin surface and the deeper layers on the skin tissues. On the other hand, the vacuum and the massage rollers are responsible for easing out or smoothing the targeted area to be treated. In such manner, heat emitted by the first two components would be thoroughly delivered. The end result of the treatment is the hastening or increase in the rate of metabolism of stored energy which comes in the form of fat, increases in lymphatic drainage and definitely the reduction or shrinkage of fat cells or chambers.

Is Velashape effective?

The effectiveness of any product is gauged relatively on whether the promised outcomes or objectives did really jive with the after-treatment results. For the Velashape, the patient should notice gradual smoothing of skin’s surface and a visible reduction of those unwanted cellulites. Also, contouring, circumferential reduction, or reshaping should also be the other targets. Based on the comments and ratings given by those who have actually tried the service as can be read on, few patients have given a passing score for Velashape. 26% of those who have responded agreed that Velashape did really helped them out in eliminating excess fats, cellulites and slimming out. On the other hand, the rest of the 74% conferred that results after undergoing Velashape treatment are generally unsatisfactory. Some of the patients’ comments are as follows:
Positive: “I had 12 Velashape treatments and although it took a while my stomach is now half the size that it used to be!”
Negative: “Bought a package of treatments and saw very little difference in the appearance of cellulite.”

Who is suitable for Velashape treatment?

Anyone who is generally healthy and those who don’t have any skin disease and are much eager to get rid of excessive fats, cellulites and wanting to shape their bodies. Pregnant women are not allowed for the baby’s protection.

Velashape side-effects or risks

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Undergoing Velashape medical treatment is a painless process. But there were reported cases wherein patients complain of having painful moments and bruises few days after the procedure. Although few negative effects or health risks were observed, still, the long term ones are still unknown and yet to be discovered.

Velashape results from velashape patient reviews

Here are some excerpts from patients who have went through the actual procedure and have feedback on the site.

Velashape nyc surgeon: American Laser
Reviews: “Had 6 velashape treatments on abs and love handles with ALC. Ended up losing 10 lbs after 6 weeks of treatments, increased workouts, and eating well. I have noticed some areas go back to how they were, but may go back for maintenance.”
Cost of velashape nyc: USD2000

Velashape florida surgeon: American Laser centers
Reviews: “I had 12 Velashape treatments and although it took a while my stomach is now half the size that it used to be!
Cost of velashape Orlando. FL: USD1200

Velashape vs thermage

Thermage has been approved by the FDA for skin tightening which does not necessarily means cellulite reduction. However, you can use both treatment to give you a better look skin condition.

How much does Velashape cost?

Like all other cosmetic procedures that are on a per session basis, actual costs can depend on the severity of the excess fat and cellulite problem and of the particular areas to be treated. Based on the prevailing market index, each session should cost a patient around $250 to $2,000.

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