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There has been a new non invasive surgical treatment that has been announced called vaser shape. It is a new technology announced by Sound Surgical Technologies, which is the same maker of the famous vaser liposuction technology. What vaser shape MC1 does is to combine non-invasive ultrasound and massage system to achieve body contouring as well as the reduction of cellulite at the buttock and tummy area.

VASER Shape MC1 is based on technology that has been in use outside of the US called MedContour. According to its press release, Medcontour has already been used successfully in European countries such as UK, France and Spain. Hence, it is a proven technology that is redeployed in other areas.

Before deciding on committing to this treatment, do note that it cannot completely remove cellulite. I don’t think there is any treatment in the world that can do that but vaser shape claimed to at least help you reduce the visibility.

Vaser shape reviews

Due to the treatment being so new, there are currently no reviews as yet. However, we did a bit of digging up for medcontour, which is what the vaser shape technology is based on. Here is what we found. Some of the patients had success with the treatment and they recorded their testimonials on the official site. However, it is hard to tell if the reviews are real, given that you cannot contact the patients. You can read the reviews here:

How much does vaser shape cost

Currently, the average cost of vaser shape MC1 comes to about USD500 per session. Typically, a patient will need to attend at least 4-6 session to see the complete effects. So, in total, the patient will need to spend about USD2000 to USD3000. If you want to look for cheap vaser shape, you will then need to look for them in lower cost cities such as Florida, Chicago, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco etc rather than expensive cities such as New York, London, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

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