Vampire facelift cost and results

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Vampire facelift is a new type of face rejuvenation that is used to fill in wrinkles and facial lines for your face. This is a new technique that is developed by the company called Selphyl. Unlike other facial rejuvenation treatments, vampire facelift uses blood from the own patient to fill in the lines and wrinkles of the patient. This is why this new liquid fillers called vampire facelift.

With such a name, there are people wondering whether is vampire facelift effective as other types of liquid fillers. However, vampire injections are rather effective but their effects are not permanent. Typically, these injections last only for a few months and the patient needs to go back for a new injection once every few months.

In terms of prices, the average cost of vampire face lift is around USD800. That cost varies between countries, states and cities. The higher the cost of living in the city and/or the country.such as in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris etc, the higher the cost that you are expected to pay. For those that are living in low cost cities such as Thailand, Dallas, etc.

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