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Ulthera is a new kind of non surgical face lift that has recently been approved after the ulthera clinic trials that were conducted a few months ago. Results from the trials have been positive, with many of the testers gives good solid ulthera reviews. Unlike thermage laser treatment where the results have not been as well received, ultera laser treatment looks to be a really good procedure to be considered by those who have sagging skin.

What is ulthera treatment

Ulthera is a non surgical device that can emit ultrasound waves to the area of the skin that needs to be treated. Before going into how that goes, it is best that you understand what causes sagging skin in the first place. Underneath our skin is a network of collagen that keeps your skin tight and youthful looking. However, due to the effects of aging and over exposure to the sun, the collagen tend to break down, which cause our skin to be come sagging and wrinkled. Hence, for any skin tightening treatment, it needs to start at restoring collagen.

This is what the ulthera procedure aims to be do, Using ultrasonic waves, the device is able to stiumlate the growth of new collagen in the area that needs the treatment. Due to the use of ultrasound, it allows the surgeon to see the area that needs to be treated in an imaging system that comes with the ulthera device or machine. This has the advantage over other types of system that uses laser or radio waves.

Is ulthera effective

Ulthera laser is not new in other parts of the world such as Europe and Asia. In fact, you can see this treatment being available in many cities ranging from European cities such as London, Paris, Dublin to Asian cities such as Singapore, Thailand,  Malaysia, Vietnam etc.

Reviews coming from these parts of the world indicate that ulthera is an effective solution for wrinkled and sagging skin. However, do not expect the results to be as effective as a surgical facelift. If you are wondering whether your condition can be improved by ulthera, it is best to consult your doctor. Sometimes, your condition might require more than what these non surgical face lifts treatments can provide.

What is the cost of ulthera treatment

A lot of people want to know what is the price of ulthera laser. Well, according to a site called realself.com, the average cost of ulthera is USD 2000. This price is affected by the area where the treatment is conducted as well as the amount of the work that needs to be done.

If you are seeking treatment in expensive cities, be expect to pay more. For example expect ulthera in san francisco to cost more than ulthera in dallas.

In addition, the more work you need work on, the higher the amounts you need to pay. A typical full facial ulthera treatment might cost around USD2,800, while a jowl or lower face ulthera session might cost only USD1800.

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