Turkey neck surgery

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Turkey neck is a aesthetic problem that resulted from a variety of reasons including genetics, weight gain or aging. While there are many turkey neck creams and exercises that promise you to get rid of them, the most effective solution is still turkey neck cosmetic surgery. In this article, we will take a look at some of the alternative liposuction or mini facelift surgery that you can consider if you want to use them for getting rid of turkey neck.

Turkey neck liposuction

One of the most common way to get rid of turkey neck is to through liposuction. Currently, the patient has a number of options to consider besides the traditional tumescent liposuction, which requires a longer downtime. One of the more popular option is laser lipo or smartlipo. This type of turkey neck laser treatment is ideal for cases where the turkey neck is caused by accumulation of fats. What the laser treatment can do is to allow surgeons to pinpoint the laser to target the very specific fatty layers in the neck. Such targeting reduces the need for general anesthesia and less downtime.

Turkey neck facelift

Another way to get rid of turkey neck is through a face lift surgery. A good choice of facelift is called the whisper lift. This is a light procedure that is meant for patients with a minor case of turney neck. For whisper lift, two small incisions will be made underneath the facial area, from which surgeon can tighten both the skin and muscles so that the turkey neck can disappear.

Ultherapy for turkey neck facelift

Finally, you can consider a new treatment called ultherapy. This new facial treatment is able to reach the deeper skin of the skin and stimulate the growth of collagen that is necessary for a tight skin under the neck. This treatment is a breakthrough as reaching the deeper facial structure is something that used to be done only with surgery. With ultherapy, patients can enjoy the same benefit without any surgical procedure.

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