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Tickle liposuction reviews Where can I find tickle lipo clinics

Posted by on Monday, 22 November, 2010

Is tickle liposuction effective? Read on for real reviews on what is tickle liposuction and how can it help you to lose body fats.

What is tickle liposuction

Tickle lipo is a new type of fat removal procedure that is also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture. Unlike other liposuction techniques as laser assisted liposuction or ultrasound assisted liposuction, tickle lipo makes uses of the movement of the cannulas itself to break up the fats. This procedure avoids the potential damages that might result from the high heat from the laser and high frequency soundwaves.

How does tick liposuction work

Most of the current liposuction procedures will first loosen or melt the fats before the actual fats removal. Tickle lipo however, uses infrasonic and vibration to break the fats apart and sucked them away. This new liposuction procedures combines two steps into one, which resulted in a faster operating time for the surgeons.

The patented technology is in the application of air pressure to activate the cannula, rather than through heat or ultrasound. In addition, the movement of the cannula also provides faster infiltration of the tumescent solution, which again helps to reduce the time needed for the fat removal surgical operation.

Whenever a new technique such as this is being introduced, there will be people asking question such as tickle lipo vs laser liposuction or tickle lipo versus vaser liposuction. I hope by knowing how this new procedure works, you will now be able to understand these differences.

Benefits of tickle liposuction

Besides improvements in the speed, another benefit of tickle lipo is that there is no need for the use of anesthesia. This will minimize many complication that arise from the use of anesthesia.  The reason why this can be done is because the tickle lipo machine is so gentle on the patient.

Tickle lipo recovery

Given that tickle lipo is not as invasive as traditional tumescent liposuction. The average speed needed for tickle liposuction recovery is in a day! I believe that is the fastest recovery period, with the exceptions to other non surgical liposuction surgery such as coolscripting by zeltiq and zerona laser treatment.

Tickle lipo reviews

We have collected some online reviews here so that you can read them in one place. However, due this tickle lipo treatment being so new, there are not that many reviews online. For example, we tried to find reviews for tickle lipo in Florida or tickle lipo albuquerquebut to no avail.

tickle lipo Dallas:
The cost of tickle lipo in Dallas is around USD3000. The name of the clinic performing this surgery was not revealed but the patient has this to say: ” I had the “Tickle Lipo” procedure done by a Dallas Plastic Surgeon. I had no idea what to expect, but the experience was really fun. Not many can say that! I had a valium, headphones, and my booties on my feet and after 45min. was getting dressed and going home.”