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Zerona vs laser liposuction

Posted by on Tuesday, 12 October, 2010

If you like to know the difference between zerona and laser liposuction,this post will compare their main differences in terms of procedures as well as prices. As the world of body contouring and cosmetic surgery continues to change, the number of new liposuction treatments being introduced  into the market is quite numerous. This can be confusing to people who have not being following the trend. Hence, through this article, we hope to shed some light on the difference between zerona laser versus laser liposuction.

How laser liposuction works

Laser liposuction requires the surgeon to first create an opening in the targeted areas. He or she will insert a special cannula that has been equipped with laser emitting head. This device will give off strong heat that will melt the fats. Once this is done, another cannula will be inserted to suck the fats out of the body.

Once good thing about this laser surgery is its precision. It is able to target very small and focus areas that traditional tumescent liposuction cannot touch.  Hence, laser liposuction for chin, neck and fowls generally yields very good results. For larger areas such as stomach, back or thighs, other liposuction procedures as hi def vaser liposuction or tumescent liposuction might be more suited.

How zerona works

I have touched about this in detailed in article entitled what is zerona laser.  In summary, zerona laser treatment uses advanced laser  technology to first stimulate the movement of the fatty acids in our body such that they will move into the empty positions between normal cells. This is to enable our body to then discharge the fatty acids organically, rather through any surgical procedures. All the person have to do is to be sited in a zerona machine.

Laser liposuction side effects

For laser liposuction there is the possibility of the patient incurring burnt wounds as a result of the high heat from the cannula. This is why an experienced laser lipo surgeon is critical.  Any inexperienced doctor handling the laser equipment might have more problems with the control which can then lead to injuries and a longer recovery period.

In general, you need 3-6 weeks to recover from laser liposuction. During this time, it is best not to engage in any heavy exercises as this might lead to the injuries not being able to heal properly.

Zerona side effects

As mentioned above, the good thing about zerona laser is that there are no side effects due to the fact that there is no surgery involved. However, the long term effects of the radiation from laser will not be known until ten years after the procedure. Currently, there is no scientific evidence suggesting any form of side effects from laser radiation.

However, the effectiveness of zerona treatment is not as agreed upon as laser liposuction. In a surgery of 35 zerona patients, only 31% of the patients said that the treatment was effective. At the end of the day, you need to recognise that zerona laser is mainly for healthy people who have some stubborn fats that need to be get rid of. It is definitely not a solution for obese people who are looking for convenient ways to help them lose weight.

Cost for laser liposuction

In terms of pricing, laser liposuction costs around USD5700. This number however differs between states and cities. If you are on a tight budget, it is better to do a more thorough price research on the different areas. In more larger cities, you will find that the prices for laser liposuction in Beverly Hills, London, NYC, Los Angeles will be more costly than laser liposuction in citites such as Toronto, Singapore, Bangkok, Perth, Brisbane etc.

Cost for zerona

On average, zerona laser only costs around USD2000. For a more detailed price guide, please refer to my article on how much does zerona cost.