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Lunch hour facelift treatment

Posted by on Monday, 14 February, 2011

Lunch hour face lift or lunch time facelift is a new non surgical facelift treatment that uses laser, rather than through surgical procedure. This laser facelift treatment will be demonstrating on the Doctor’s Show on Monday on how to use lunch hour facelift to get rid of Marionette Lines so do catch it if you want to find out about how lunch hour facelift work.

What is lunch hour facelift

This facelift laser treatment uses low heat to gently heat the collagen layer under your facial skin. The purpose is to stimulate the growth of new collagen to replace those that have been lost due to old age. Collagen is essential to maintain a tight looking skin so you will need to stimulate the growth of new one if you are getting on in age.

Lunch hour facelift results

Lunchtime facelift are fast to show results from the treatments. They can be seen about six weeks after the treatments have been done. This number will vary across different patients but on average, six weeks is all it takes to see a more younger looking and tighter skin, with less wrinkles and fine lines.

Lunch hour facelift alternatives

There are a number of facelift alternatives currently in the market. Here are some comparisons in case you want to know what is the difference.

Fraxel laser vs lunchtime facelift: Fraxel laser treatments both outer and inner skin. It gently burns off the outer skin and using heat to stimulate the growth of new collagen. There is a new version of fraxel laser called dual fraxel laser which you can read about from the link.

Thermage CPT vs lunch hour facelift: Thermage treatment uses radio waves rather than laser in the treatment. The first version of thermage did not receive very good feedback so the jury is still out there regarding thermage CPT.

Vampire facelift vs lunchtime facelift: vampire facelift uses injections instead of laser treatments.

How much does lunch hour facelift cost

The cost of lunchtime facelift ranges from USD1500 to USD3000, depending whether you are having it in expensives cities such as NYC, Los angeles, Miami, Las vegas or cheaper places such as portland, san diego, chicago etc. To get the true lunch hour facelift price, it is better to arrange with clinics that provide such facelift treatments and ask for a price quotation.