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iGrow laser reviews

Posted by on Sunday, 28 August, 2011

The problem on hair loss has been in existent simultaneous with the dawn of modern civilization. Though hair loss is more prevalent in men, some patterns may also be observed in women caused by the genes or other physical and environmental factors. Everyone knows the importance of having healthy, lush, and good looking hair that is why a lot of inventors, scientists, and companies have ventured into creating numerous solutions to such problem. On the market alone, there are numerous products claiming to help re-grow lost hair. Many of these products have failed, but for those that lived to their promises are oftentimes tagged at a very high price. One alternative introduced by Apira Science is the iGrow laser hair rejuvenation system.

What is iGrow?

iGrow hair laser is one of the latest hair rejuvenation device/system that uses low-level laser light technology to aid in the abatement of hair loss and eventually stimulates hair growth in areas where baldness or thinning hair volume is a problem. According to the makers, it is one of the most advanced hands-free hair rejuvenation device that offers more power and better results compared to all other laser hair rejuvenating devices available in the market. The device that resembles a bicycle helmet has yet to wait for the patent approval though, but now is gaining massive popularity and acceptance.

How does iGrow work?

The iGrow hair rejuvenation device makes use of the numerous medical and health benefits of laser, more specifically of low-level laser light technology or LLLT. It features 51 light sources composed of 21 laser diodes and 30 LEDs embracing wider scalp coverage. LLLTs were proven to treat various health conditions like acne, carpal tunnel syndrome, hair loss, etc. In contrast to laser light used in certain cosmetic procedures, LLLT doesn’t produce heat that may burn or damage skin tissues. Thus, when the device is used over the scalp, it emits laser light energy within the 650-670 wavelengths which is ideal in stimulating hair follicle cells to grow at the same time promoting vascular-neogenesis. The treatment/session may be administered personally by the patient and only takes few minutes twice a week.

Is iGrow hair rejuvenation effective?

Years of research has proven that low-level laser light technology really is effective in terms of stimulating hair growth and solving hair loss problems. With observance of the proper usage, a patient should already experience cessation of hair loss in the first 12 weeks, in about 24 weeks time, patient’s hair will be observed to be more thicker, healthier, and fuller. The device is also more effective compared to all other laser hair rejuvenation devices due to the presence of more laser light diodes, perfect combination of LED and laser lighting, and larger scalp areas can be treated.

Who may use the iGrow hair rejuvenation device?

The device is ideal for individuals experiencing gradual to excessive hair loss, or those that are suffering from either male or female pattern baldness brought about by stress, strain, genetics, or other environmental factors. It is also ideal for people who are generally busy since the device can be used and placed over the head even without manual intervention.

iGrow health risks and hazards

The device is using the principles of LLLT treatment that has been proven to be safe and don’t produce any side-effects. Caution is just advised not to simultaneously use chemicals on the hair while having iGrow treatment. Though it is still safe even the hair is chemically treated, there’s always a possibility of complications or risks.

How much does iGrow cost?

The iGrow hair rejuvenation device is widely being sold at a retail price of $695.