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Volufiline reviews Read it before you buy volufiline

Posted by on Friday, 22 April, 2011

Volufiline cream from total curve is the latest in breast enlargement cream products that hits the products. This new breast enhancement cream promises to enlarge your breast up to 8.4%, according to the clinical trials that was conducted. Let’s see whether volufiline breast enlargement cream really works.

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The volufiline cream is part of the total curve solution which has two parts to it. The first part of the solution consist of a supplement that promises to increase the bust size through introducing phytoestrogens, which mimics the action of estrogen to firm your breast and increase its volume. The second part of the total curve solution consist of a breast lifting and firming gel that contains the volufiline gel, which is the secret ingredient that will get you the 8.4% increase in bust size.

Does volufiline cream really works as what is described above? Let evaluate its effectiveness by looking at some real reviews that we have gathered across the Web. Beware that most reviews are actual affiliate sites that are disguised as review sites so that readers will buy the product from their sites and they will get the sales commission.

We try to get the real reviews by looking through forums rather than sales pages. Below are some of the discussions that we have found:

Review: “Volufiline works. I’ve been using it 3 times at day on decollete, hand, knee, elbow, temples, cheek, buttock and forearm only one side of my body (the left one) for 3 weeks now. The product I’ve used is ad as a bust enhancer, so it has other actives on it and I am not sure about percentages, also is the cheapest one I could find online.  While on my bony parts as temple elbow and knee have not noticed a significant change, yet, I have to report that in my decollete, forearm and buttock is working. I feel more density under my skin and it feels thicker when I pinch it.”

Review: “the active ingredient of this product is ‘Volufiline’, a plant extract that has been clinically tested and proven to increase lipid (fat) retention in areas it is applied to. However, it can only offer a max 8% increase in breast size. This product can also be applied to other areas of the body, such as the facial cheeks and the buttocks. If you ARE going to go down this particular route, save yourself some money and source the cheapest outlet for ‘Volufiline’, rather than going for the Total Curve option.”

As we gathered more information, we will be posting them here. If you want to buy volufiline cream from total curve, the price is around USD59.95 to USD289, depending on how many months of breast enhancement pill do you want to buy at one shot.