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SurgiSil permaLip is a alternative to facial fillers such as juvederm or restylane injections that have been commonly used to help patients increase the volume of their lips. This new lip augmentation treatment was featured on the Doctors in 2009 but remains popular among patients who seek help in wanting a fuller lip.

What is surgisil lip implants and how does it work?

Rather than injections, surgisil permalip implants are made of soft silicone. This is then inserted into the lips through surgical procedure. The benefit of surgisil lip augmentation over the facial filler injections is that it is permanent. Injections typically last for about 6-9 months before needing another treatment. Surgisil perma facial implant is a permanent procedure and will not need regular visits back to the doctor.

How much does surgisil implants cost

If you want to know the surgisil perma implant cost, I can tell you that the average price is around USD1800 for one lip and USD3000 for both. While these price may seem to be expensive, remember that this treatment is permanent and doesn’t require regular maintenance like the restylane injections.

Surgisil before and after photos

There is a lack of surgisil reviews online but I found some before and after images to show you what can the treatment do for you.

If you are interested in this new lip augmentation treatment,  you can visit to visit the official site to get more information about how this procedure works.

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