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It seems that in today’s technologically driven world, almost anything is becoming possible. One of the most sought after inventions and discoveries is on how to stay and look young. Stem cell facelift is currently the best substitute for standard facelift surgeries which primarily aims to eliminate facial wrinkles, fine lines and for the relatively older ones, to correct sagging facial skin.

What is stem cell facelift?

To properly define stem cell facelift, we should first describe what stem cells are. Stem cells are today very much controversial and medically appealing due to its possible benefits in the health and wellness and to the whole medical field. Stem cells are inherently multi-potential cells which has the ability to affect or transform the numerous cells found on the location where they are transplanted. Stem cell facelift is a newly developed non-surgical cosmetic treatment using the stem cell fat grafting procedure purposely done to remove facial wrinkles, lines, sagging skin and other objectives similar to that of a conventional facelift surgery. But great difference lies on the healing period wherein stem cell facelift heals much more quickly and that it provides longer lasting results compared to that of the regular facelift operation.

How does stem cell facelift work?

As noted earlier stem cell facelift uses the principles of stem cell treatments. The stem cell facelift procedure is performed using local anesthesia and primarily involves the collection of fat cells which contains corrective or rejuvenating stem cells and then transplanted to the area/s to be treated. The medical procedure may take as short as 3 hours. During the process, fat is collected using methods similar to that of a liposuction. These fat cells is then purified and centrifuged so that the appropriate stem cell shall only be isolated and used for transplanting. The final phase involves the use of LED light through a patented light therapy sequence.

Is stem cell facelift effective?

Stem cell facelift results look more natural compared to that of the conventional facelift operation. Since this treatment induces rejuvenating stem cells, results is expected and observed to last longer. Amidst the noted success, controversies seemed to still abound regarding stem cell facelift. Some doctors argue that: “There has been no scientific evidence in literature to support anything related to stem cell facelifts. This is more of a marketing term. It is probably best to interview a couple of patients in person to see what the results really look like.”

Who may undergo stem cell facelift?

Stem cell facelift is an ideal option for those who seek facial skin rejuvenation in a relatively safer way and those who want to see results in a shorter span of time. Adults who have moderate facial aging process is very much ideal to preserve or bring back their youthful look.

Stem cell facelift side-effects or risks

Like any other medical treatments, stem cell facelift should only be administered by a licensed and experience surgeon, otherwise, you might end up wasting your hard earned money including your health. Risks of lumps and bumps due to fat injection can be a possible risk. Also, deformities on the fat donor area can be an issue. Finally, patience reaction or acceptance on the results is somewhat undeterminable.

How much does stem cell facelift cost?

In general, prospective patients should expect to shed off $5,000 to around $15,000 for the fat injections or stem cell facelift procedure.

Stem cell facelift alternatives

If you want to expand you options for tightening your face, you might want to consider other facelift options such as vampire facelift, mini facelift etc as well as injections such as restylane injections.

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