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If you like to know more what is stem cell breast augmentation, this guide will give you all the information on the procedure and cost of stem cell implants and how this stem cell augmentation works. If you like to know whether this new stem cell treatment is the answer for your breast enlargement needs.

What is breast stem cell implant

This is a new form of natural breast augmentation technique that uses body jet liposuction to first get the fats required for the breast implants. There are two main reason for using water liposuction, rather than other techniques such as laser liposuction. One, water liposuction prevents the damaging of tissues surrounding which might contaminated the fats that will be used. The second reason is to avoid water contamination.  Traditional lipo lets the water sits in the fats for a long time which might invite non purities, which might cause the fats to lose volume when it is injected into the patient’s boobs.

How does stem cell breast augmentation works

Once the fats are removed from the patient’s body, the most crucial step is to separate the contaminated fats from the pure fats. The latter will  be used for the breast implants and is what the surgeons will be to extract concentrated stem cells that will be mixed with the fats. The solution will then be injected into the breast of the patients.

Is stem cell breast augmentation effective

Currently, there is only one known case of breast stem cell treatment being performed.  The procedure was done by the Director of the Smartlipo Institute in of Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr Todd K. Malan. According to him, the results of this natural breast augmentation is permanent and patients can expect to increase their cup size by one to two sizes.

How much does breast stem cell implant cost

The cost of this new treatment is expected to cost around USD7000-9000. However, given that this procedure is relatively new, the prices is expected to go down as more and more clinics start to offer this new technique in their clinics. Currently, the only city to has this treatment is at Scottdale Arizona.

Breast stem cell implant before and after photos

The following image is taken from american health and and show the before and after images

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