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PinPointe footLaser is an effective treatment for toenail fungus, at least according to the Doctors show. If you want to know what this toenail fungus treatment is all about, you can scan the various headings to browse for the relevant information.

What is PinPointe footLaser

This is a new form of laser treatment for the treatment of toenail fungus. It makes use of a specially designed laser beam that can go through the toenails and eliminate the bacteria so that your toenails will not be infected. According to its press release, the PinPointe footLaser treatment is 88% more effective than the rest of the treatment in the market. However, whether that is true has to come from the patients who have undergo this treatment, which leads us to the next section:

PinPointe footLaser reviews – Is PinPointe footLaser effective

We have gathered some real reviews from the web and put them here in one place for you to read through

“In early 2009 I noticed that the large toe on my right foot was showing signs of the fungus. I found Dr Ralph Esposito in Chicago at Affiliated Podiatrists. At my first appointment he explained that since I had such a long-standing and severe case, the laser may not be effective. He quoted the price, said it included follow-up visits and a second laser treatment, if needed, for stubborn spots. Left it to me to decide. At no point did I feel he was trying to pull one over on me. In fact, he has the kindest and most assuring bedside manner of any physician I have visited. In the end I felt the price was worth it to me. I could not even remember what healthy toenails looked like on my left foot. And none of the treatment is covered by my insurance.”¬† Source: review one

“Luckily I had a different experience than some of the other people here. I had toe nail fungus on my big toe and it was spreading. I checked around for different treatment options and finally settled on the PinPointe laser offered by Dr. Radovic¬† after seeing him on The Doctors TV show. It took a few months but the fungus did clear up. So for me this new procedure worked quite well.” Source: review two

Is PinPointe footLaser FDA approved?

One of the big news about this new treatment is concerning its FDA status. Originally on its site, it is claimed that FDA has approved this process. However, it was later discovered that FDA has not approved of this treatment. Hence, as of now, PinPointe footLaser system cannot be widely advertised since it has not been approved by the FDA.

How much does PinPointe footLaser cost?

The average cost of pinpointe footlaser is around USD1000. Note that this expense is not covered by insurance. Also note that there price differences between cities. For example, pinpointe footlaser chicago or atlanta is more expensive than pinpointe footlaser in seattle.

Pinponte footLaser alternative

Currently, in terms of toenail fungus laser treatment, there are not many choices. One prominent alternative is Nomir Medical Technologies which is developing a laser called Noveon for nail infections and other diseases.

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