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Pelleve face lift is a new non surgical facelift that promised to tighten your skin in a 30 minute facelift treatment. If you like to see how pelleve facelift works, there will be a live demonstration on The doctor’s show tonight. So, don’t miss it if you want to see what is the procedure for this 30 second face lift.

Does pelleve facial treatment work

According to the Dr Doris Day on the Doctor’s, this treatment uses a small radio frequency (RF) device to help the patient to temporaily improve the condition of the skin. The radio waves from the device acts as stimulus for the growth of the collagen, which is one of the more important protein need to help the skin look young and tight. Pelleve facial treatment has already been approved by the FDA in 2009 so it is a safe option for those who wants alternative to surgical facelift.

Is the pelleve facelift procedure painful?

The entire pelleve procedure has been designed to painless. There is no downtime for the patient as he or she can resume his or her normal activity after the treatment.

Pelleve before and after photos

The before and after pictures are provided courtesy of the Doctor’s Show. It gives a good sense of what will be the pelleve results after a patient went through the treatment.

How much does pelleve cost

The cost of pelleve facelift is around USD500-1000, depending on the city you are in and the number of sessions that you want to sign up for. Many pelleve clinics offer packages whereby patients can enjoy lower discounts if they sign up for multiple treatments. In terms of pelleve price variations across cities, expect to pay more if you are in nyc, atlanta, san diego, orange county and less if you are in denver, dallas etc.

Pelleve alternatives

Pelleve is part of a wave of innovation non surgery face lift options that coming into the market. If you like to know more about these alternatives, please check the various articles that have been written about them in this site (vampire facelift, mini facelift, stem cell face lift)

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