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Dr. Ordon signature O lift was featured in the Monday edition of the Dr Doctor’w show. From the O lift before and after effects, it seems that this is a great facelift treatment for anyone who wants to look younger. If you what to know what is a o lift and how does it works, read on to find out.

How does o lift work

This o lift facial treatment is a combintion of face lift, laser treatment and a little bit of fat transfer. Dr Ordon’s procedure will begin by creating insertions alongside the ear. This is done via the use of surgical techniques and laser treatment. The doctor will then lift the skin up and cut away the excessive part. If there are any facial fat to be removed, this is done during this stage of the procedure. Once the excessive facial skin has been removed, the remaining skin is then sitched back along the ear.

Is o lift effective

Going back the testimonal given by the patient on the show, it seems like she is like happy with the procedure. To be more scientific, we probable need more o lift reviews from other people to gauge the actual effectivesness. Anyway, there will a set of o lift before and after photos if you want to compare the before and after effects.

O lift before and after photos

Here is the before and after pictures of the O lift patient who was featured on the Doctors show. The results are quite remarkable to be honest.

How much does o lift cost

The price of the o lift was not mentioned in the show. Given the surgical complexity, I would imagine that it is not going to be cheap. Once we have more information on how much is o lift treatment, we definitely give an update here.

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