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This is a pricing guide that gives you information on the zerona laser pricing across different cities and states in the US. In the future, we will also cover cost information about zerona pricing in other countries such as Canada, UK and Australia.

Before the guide, we want to thank readers of this blog. Our first post recently attracted about 15 readers and while this is a small, it is encouraging for us given that this is a very blog. They came in searching for information such as ultrashape vs. zerona,  zerona in london and strangely enough, laser lipo los angeles prices. We will definitely answer these questions in future posts and we hope the readers can bear with us as we find time to do the research and the writeup. Juggling studies and this blog will be a challenge for the three of us.

What is the average price of zerona laser treatment

On average, the cost is around USD2,500 to USD3,000. Compared to the average of tumescent liposuction which cost about USD5,000 to USD6,000 on average, zerona is definitely much cheaper and is a more affordable alternative for people who wants to contour their body.

However, the average price tend to vary between cities and states. Here is what we have gathered about how much each city charges and who is the surgeon. While we try to be as comprehensive as possible, there is a serious lack of such information on the Web plus the fact that clinics typically don’t publish their rate online.

Longmont, Colorado: USD 3,000 by Dr. Fritz-Chiropractic
Lakewood, Los Angeles, Colorado: USD2,000 by Rocky Mountain Laser clinic
Carrollton, Dallas, Texas: USD2,000 by Dr Dr Jade Mallay
Houston, Texas: USD2,800 (doctor’s name was not disclosed)
Norfolk, East of England: 1,900 pounds (doctor’s name was not disclosed)

In general, patients were not happy with the result as there is no obvious difference before and after the procedure.

Atlanta, Georigia: USD2,400.  (Doctor’s name was not disclosed)
Atlanta, Georgia: USD2,400 by Chastain Wellness Studio
Kansas City, : USD by Carol Foulds, MD, Kansas City Dermatologist

Patients were very happy with the zerona serivce they received. On average, each patient lost around 10 to 12 inches off their body, which is more than what the zerona promised.

One of the key reason for the mixed result was the after treatment procedure has to go through. According to the treatment, the patient needs to have  regular exercises and some even had the lymphatic massage services. Dr Carol in particular has received quite  a number of good reviews on the Web and seems to be a good candidate to consider.

I hope this guide about zerona laser pricing has been helpful to you.

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