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The pricing of velashape is determined by a number of factors. This is why we don’t see a standard velashape price across the different clinics. In this article, we will look at which clinic offers the cheapest velashape treatment and where they are located. In general, you will find prices of velashape in nyc, los angeles, miami, beverly hills etc to be higher because the cost of living is higher in these places, compared to places such as texas, houston, sa diego etc.

What is the average cost of velashape

On average, the price of velashape treatment is around USD1,600. This is in accordance to the site called which asks its members to contribute information on how much they pay for velashape. However, there is wide discrepancy between the prices across the different cities.

Velashape cost in new york city

Name of doctor: Dr Wellpath
Cost of velashape: USD1,500
Reviews:” Completed a series of 6 treatments with Dr. H on the Velashape2 and I’m pleased with the results. She spent the time explaining the procedure and what type of results I could expect. It was only after 3rd treatment that I started to see the slight changes in my waistline and cellulite on the backs of my legs. Now 1 month after the series I’ve seen the results ge even better.”

Name of clinic: American Laser
Price of velashape:  USD2,000
Reviews:”Had 6 velashape treatments on abs and love handles with ALC. Ended up losing 10 lbs after 6 weeks of treatments, increased workouts, and eating well. I have noticed some areas go back to how they were, but may go back for maintenance.”

Velashape cost in California

Name of clinic: American Laser
Location: Berkeley, CA
Velashape cost: USD1,200
Review:”I am on my second cycle of VelaShape. I had my first cycle a year ago. It works well for me. My first cycle was hips/thighs/abdomen. My current cycle is abdomen/arms. During both cycles I experienced a reduction in the circumference of the treated part. In fact, after my first cycle (hips/thighs/abdomen) I dropped 1-2 pants sizes.”

Velashape cost in Texas

Name of doctor: Dr Katherine White
Location: Plano Texas
Velashape price: USD185
Review:”I am very happy so far. I can’t wait until my next appointment tomorrow. I wouldn’t think this device would work that well for someone with a ton of cellulite or fat but I also think it all depends on your body so you have to be okay throwing money out the window just to try a non invasive method.”

Velashape cost in Florida

Name of clinic: American Laser Centre
Location: Orlando, FL
Velashape cost: USD1,200
Review: “I had 12 Velashape treatments and although it took a while my stomach is now half the size that it used to be!”

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