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Fraxel due laser is the latest treatment product who gives us Fraxel laser treatment. This new procedure is meant to help people overcome the problem of sun damage. It was featured on the the Dr Oz show today and as a result, we have got a few inquiries from our readers about how fraxel dual laser treatment works

What is fraxel dual laser

Fraxel laser has been well known for its ability to stimulate collagen growth and repair fine lines and wrinkles. The new fraxel dual laser procedure adds a new light wavelength that allows doctors to have more control during the treatment. This control is what allows surgeons to treat both sun damages and pre cancerous cells.

Is fraxel dual laser effective

There was a clinical trial being conducted that studies whether fraxel dual treatment is effective in treating the pre cancerous cells called the Actinic keratosis (Ak). The results show that the treatment was able to resolved 86%  of Ak. In addition, the skin condition of the patients was also removed due to the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. This ability to combine the treatment of AK and skin condition is what get many surgeons excited about fraxel dual laser.

How long is the recovery period for fraxel dual laser

Due to the way the treatment works, the recovery period is very fast. Patients usually will be able to return to their normal acitivites after a day of recovery. The reason for such fast recovery is that the laser will creates very tiny holes into the skin to stimulate new collagen growth. These new holes are in the millions but they are micospoci and are surrounded by healthy skin tissues, which speeds up the recovery process for the patients.

Fraxel dual laser before and after photos

How much does fraxel dual laser cost

Currently, the company has not announced any pricing yet. Once the prices are known, we will come back with a new article on the cost of fraxel dual laser

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