Dual fraxel restore laser to remove lip wrinkles

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The fraxel dual laser can be used to get rid of lip wrinkles as demonstrated on the Doctor’s Show.  If you want to read more about how dual fraxel laser works, I suggest following the above link to the previous article that was written on the subject. For this article, we will focus on how fraxel dual laser can help to remove wrinkles that are forming around your lips.

On the show, Santa Monica dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban uses the Fraxel Dual laser to perform discoloration of skin on the lipos area before proceeding with the wrinkle removal.

How does fraxel dual laser for lip wrinkles work

The laser lipo treatment can work because of the fact that the dual fraxel system allows for more control over the laser lights, thus enabling a more delicate operation to be conducted. Unlike the single fraxel laser treatment, the dual version has both the Ebrium and Thulium lasers which can be used to gently stimulate the growth of collagen. This new solution can be used to address for only lip wrinkles and for acne scars as well.

If you like to see whether the fraxel re:store dual results, here is one before and after photos from the Doctors Show which can show you the kind of difference that this new laser lipo treatment can make.

Patients of this treatment will be happy to know that there is no downtime, which that the fraxel dual laser recovery period is almost nil. This will be great if you need a last minute improvement to how you want to look. Maybe there is an event you need to attend. This laser lip treatment will make you younger instantly!

In terms of prices, the cost of dual fraxel laser is not that expensive as you can get the treatment for about USD1200 to USD1800.

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