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In our post on how much does zerona cost, we highlighted a wide range of prices in terms of what zerona clinics are charging. Our readers wanted a more trimmed down version on which zerona clinics offers the cheapest price. That is why we relooked at the pricing information from and collected a list of highly rated zerona clinics that charges zerona for under 2000.

The thing about zerona laser is that it is not suitable for everyone and that the clinic must know what they are doing.  I have seen lots of bad reviews at saying that zerona is not worth the money but there are patients who have benefitted from this non surgical fat removal procedure. The difference comes down to knowing whether zerona is indeed the right treatment for you and whether the clinic is capable. In fact finding the right zerona clinic can solve both problems as they will recommend whether you are suited for zerona. That is why we decided to create the following list of the cheapest and top rated zerona clinics in US.

Cheap zerona in woodlands, texas

Name of clinic: Dr Sherry from Body Benefits
Cost of zerona: USD1500
1st Review: “So,after having read about Zerona back when it was still experimental,and again from a friend who actually used Zerona.I decided I would try for myself. Not much happned the first week but then I started to see changes every day. By the time tha fourth week had passed there was literally no fat left on my abs or anywhere else for that matter.”

2nd Review: “So far I am at my 10th treatment and have lost a little over 7 inches total.”

Cheap zerona in Ohio

Name of doctor: Not revealed
Cost: USD1900
Review: “I’m petite at 5’3 and weight 135lbs. Mainly my areas of concern were my thighs as they are “chunky” and filled of cellulite. I was recently had 9 treatments and I’ve lost 1.5 inches in my hip area and .5-.6 in each thigh. I also lost volume from my waist, which was a perk, but not necessarily my targeted area.”

We will update this list once there are more information that reveals good zerona clinics that charge below 2000.


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