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The Lean Belly Prescription reviews

Posted by on Tuesday, 12 April, 2011

If you are a fan of the doctor’ show, then you will not want to miss thisĀ  book called the lean belly prescription by travis stork md. It is a collection on some of the information and tips that are shown on the show which can help patient’s to lose their belly fat. You might have seen the show but nothing beats the compliation of all the latest techniques and information into a book form that can be easily read and reference whenever you have the time to spare.


The book emphasis a lot on having an active lifestyle, rather than using cosmetic surgery to overcome the problem of having excessive belly fat. That being said, do not expect a step by step guide that gives you detailed worksheets and schedules to follow. This is more of an informative book, rather than an instructional one. If you buy the lean belly prescription with the right expectation, you can gain a lot from this book.


Currently, this book is available in both hardcover and ebook form. If you want lean belly presciption ebook, you can buy it through reading devices such as the Kindle from Amazon. I personally like the hardcover version as I am more of a physical person that like the feel of the book in my hand. Anyway the price is not too expensive and is worth a look if you are a Doctor’s Show fan.