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Posted by on Thursday, 17 March, 2011

It is a wonderful and happy feeling to give birth to a child although there are some consequences and responsibilities that come along with it; hence a woman is now both a mother and a partner to her husband. We all know that during the instance of giving birth, the vaginal canal is also receiving its own share of stress resulting to its widening and that some of the sensations a couple once had during time of sex might be affected. Most females would consider undergoing certain vaginal rejuvenation procedures with the aim of at least constricting back the vaginal canal. Most of these procedures are invasive in nature and require ample of your time if not great amounts of budget. The latest innovation in this aspect is what is termed as GyneShape.

What is GyneShape treatment?

GyneShape is essentially a new medical advancement in the area of laser treatment with the aim of tightening vaginas for women after they have given birth. It benefits the woman by giving the chance of improving sexual sensations without the need to undergo costly and lengthy operation procedures. Sexual sensations that are reduced during intercourse brought by child birth are answered by narrowing and restoring back the original size of the vagina prior to child birth.

How does GyneShape work?

GyneShape is administered by applying laser energy to the vagina. As we all know on the principle of laser energy on skin and tissue tightening, laser energy essentially gets rid of damaged collagen and promotes or stimulated the growth of new, healthy and elastic ones. Due to laser heating, old collagen shrinks and new ones form thereby tightening and narrowing the posterior lobe of the vagina. The procedure is a less invasive and is usually administered under local anesthesia.

Is GyneShape effective?

This type of cosmetic procedure is still on its introductory stage but its approval from governing agencies would suggest that in fact the results can be positive and be promising. Added to this note is the proven effectiveness of laser energy based cosmetic treatment in most medical fields, areas and body problems. This treatment effectively achieves its medical purpose with very minimal pain and body intrusion added the fact that it can be done in no time compared to the conventional vaginal rejuvenation procedures. If you want more definite answers on gynshape results, it is better to wait for recent patient reviews to come in.

Who may undergo GyneShape treatment?

You may undergo this type of cosmetic procedure if you are relatively young and healthy to be able to see the maximum and best results desired. Although the results may last a lifetime, a mother might want to delay her GyneShape treatment in the future is she and her husband are still planning to have additional child, it’s useless to have the operation done in the first place.

GyneShape risk and health hazards

Usual pains and discomforts during and after the procedure may be experienced but eventually will fade. It is also worthy to be careful on the doctor or clinic you will be contracting for the procedure since if the procedure is done in the wrong way, the results may not prove to be effective, certain abnormalities might occur as well.

How much does GyneShape cost?

The clinic who has devised the procedure announced that they are administering the GyneShape procedure at the average cost of $3,500 to $5,500. This price will vary according to the city where the procedure is conducted. In cities such as new york, los angeles, santa monica, las vegas etc, expect the cost to be higher than in lower cost cities such as dallas, portland, san diego etc