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Posted by on Monday, 17 January, 2011

One of the particular areas where early signs of aging occur is on the cheek and chin area. But today, there can be a bright solution to stop all the worrying when it comes to extra chin and check fat other than conventional surgeries, which is ATX-101. It is Bayer Healthcare, the giant based on Leverkusen, Germany responsible for the development of this revolutionary drug aimed at reducing small volumes of facial fat with effects or results that may last a lifetime.

What is ATX-101?

ATX-101 is a first class and one of its kind injectable drug primarily be used in the elimination or reduction of relatively smaller volumes of facial or body fat including the sub-mental ones. The formulation is founded on keenly studied endogenous molecule with unique features including selectivity for adipocytes and rapid clearance. ATX-101 is a least invasive procedure which only requires injection on the area to be treated without the need for any anesthetic. Clinical studies have been conclusive on this product’s effectiveness on reducing and eliminating localized fat deposits at the least possible risks.

How does ATX-101 work?

Upon injection, ATX-101 creates an osmotic imbalance in fat cells thereby causing excess water to come into the cells and expand until they burst out. This process is medically termed as cytolysis.  This minimally invasive procedure may be undertaken even in the absence or at very little amounts of anesthesia and that it should yield very meaningful results. The procedure is usually done by injecting around 40 to 70 mini-injections and should work by dissolving small volume of fat cells.

Is ATX-101 effective?

This revolutionary drug is still on its Phase III clinical study stage but notwithstanding this fact, Bayer have concluded that initial test results were prove that ATX-101 is indeed effective and very much safe to use. Some experts claim that upon completion of the relative studies, this product will be the toughest rival of Botox treatment.

Who may use ATX-101?

ATX-101 is for patients who are having problems and anxious in eliminating the early signs of aging on the facial area more commonly of unwanted and excess facial fats. It may also be used by people who want to eliminate double chin problems.

ATX-101 risks and hazards

Potential hazards and health risks involve upon using ATX-101 are yet to be listed since currently, the drug is still at the completion of study stage.

How much does ATX-101 cost?

Prices are to be determined upon fully launching the product to the market.