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Among the numerous health concerns of most individual today most especially the elderly ones is the problem on persistent back pain. Most of the time, traditional solution to this discomfort like exercise and a new matter may prove to be a failure and that a medical treatment is necessary to correct the problem. A relatively new breed of medical treatment for this sort, the Accura Scope procedure poses as a less invasive way that would certainly address the cause(s) of the problem without surgery at lesser cost.

What is AccuraScope?

AccuraScope is a new form of spinal surgery which is essentially less or minimally invasive in nature. This procedure has been widely used for diagnosing and treating inter-vertebral disc, cases of spinal stenosis and all other forms and causes of back pain. The procedure uses the numerous application principles of laser energy and of x-ray.

How Does AccuraScope procedure work?

The AccuraScope procedure starts with the inducement of a very tiny incision at the surface of the affected area of the patient’s back where through such incision, the surgeon will insert an endoscopic fiber-optic scope which goes down to the natural opening in the base of the spine. With this installed, the surgeon may now have a better view of the problem inside the patient’s back. Most of the time problems come in the form of tear, herniations, ruptures, bulges, scar tissues and all other sort of abnormalities. With the aid of laser energy, the source of back pain or the problem will shrink and the damaged parts eliminated.

Is AccuraScope procedure effective?

AccuraScope has been proven to be helpful in the aid of most common back ailments and concerns. The operation is relatively short and hasty and that the patient will be assured of a speedy recovery. Additional factors which may be considered in assessing the effectiveness of the procedure are the benefits which can be derived: that the procedure is minimally invasive, only requires tiny incision, assures an early diagnosis and treatment of the back pain problem, lesser pain during and after the procedure, etc.

Who may undergo AccuraScope surgery?

AccuraScope is ideal for individuals who suffer from chronic back pain where natural and conventional treatments no longer work. It is also a good option for people who are afraid of being submitted to a major surgical operation more so for those who are not ready to spend thousands of dollars.

AccuraScope risks and health hazards

This medical procedure is essentially safer than the conventional back surgical procedures since it is essentially minimally invasive. Also it is worthy to note that long term effects and results are still to be discovered since this medical procedure is still very new and is currently only performed in only two medical facilities in the United States.

How much does AccuraScope costs?

The cost of the AccuraScope procedure is 19,500. While not cheap, the procedure is covered by most private insurance plans, with the patient incurring little to no out of pocket cost.

(Notice: the previous stated cost of USD29,500 was incorrect. Thanks to a email from North American Spine, the information has been updated)

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