Zerona laser treatment

Zerona laser treatment is one of the latest medical procedure that have been approved by the FDA and introduced in the market in 2009. Due to it being so new, there are a lot of questions about this technique and we want this article to cover some of these basic questions. Rest assured that if you will do find an answer in this post, please feel any zerona related question in the comment section so that we can respond to it in the future articles. If you’re considering liposuction but looking for a non-invasive form, you can also head to Plastic Surgery Portal to read about Zerona, a painless laser treatment that produces significant results.

How does zerona laser liposuction work?

Zerona laser treatment is a non surgical liposuction procedure for helping to contour the body shape of patients. In contrast to traditional liposuction tenciques, zerona laser does not require any physical insertion. Instead, it relies on a patented technology that liquidifies the patient’s body fats via laser and then remove them via his or her skin. There is no surgery involved.

If you want a more technical explaination, here is one of the best we have found on the site called and is given by a Board certified surgeon by the name of Dr R. Stephen Mulholland:

“The Zerona is a high fluence, low level laser therapy involving an array of diode laser devices positioned above the body of the patient. The patient lies for 20 minutes on their front side and 20 minutes on their back side. The 635 array of diode lasers emit up to 15 miliwatts at each source and focus the painless energy on the fat between the neck and the mid thighs. The characteristics of this diode laser light are such that over a series of treatments, performed every 48hrs, an opening is created in the cell membrane of the fat cells and the in Trigylceride contents of the fat cells are released into the space between the cells where they triglyceride are eliminated safely and effectively by the bodies normal carry protein systems.”

A zerona laser treatment typically will need about six to ten sessions to be completed. Each session in turn will need about 45 minutes for the machine to complete its treatment.

How much is the average cost for zerona laser liposuction?

Zerona laser is very affordable procedure when compared to traditional or even newer cosmetic techniques such as vaser, laser liposuction or breast augmentation (for example, breast augmentation cost is around USD6000, neck liposuction cost is around USD2500 and tummy tuck cost is around USD8000). Depending on the city, the average cost ranges from USD1,500 to USD2,900. This is much cheaper than traditional lipo which costs about USD 5,800. For those on a budget, Zerona offers an inexpensive opportunity to go for body contouring treatment without incurring heavy expensives.

How effective is zerona laser liposuction?

That is the million dollar question asked by interested parties.  From the experienced of Board Certified surgeons such as the fore mentioned Dr R. Stephen Mulholland as well as Dr Tony Yunn of the celebrity cosmetic surgery fame, zerona laser treatment is effective for treating small areas. This means that for people looking for neck liposuction, thigh liposuction or even hip liposuction, Zerona represents a no pain, non invasive and no down time alternative to the traditional surgical approach.

In fact the company that made the Zerona device, SBMI,  “will guarantee the 3-9 inches result in a patient or they will provide the MD and their patient with free round of treatments.” Such confidence in a product is seldom seen but given the positive results seen by testing surgeons, Zerona laser is a good choice for people looking for moderate body contouring services.

Is zerona laser treatment painful?

The answer is NO. In fact, the non invasive and no pain treatment is the biggest selling point of laser zerona. The procedure doesn’t require any surgical procedure which eliminates all the bleeding and bruising that one has to go through for traditional liposuction. This technology is on par with some of the other non surgical liposuction approach such as non surgical techniques include technologies such as, VelaShape, Thermage Body, Ultrashape, TriActive, Liposonix.

We hope this article can help to answer some of the basic questions you have on Zerona laser.

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